My Daily Cleaning Routine


My cleaning routine. If only I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked to share this with you! This post is all about my daily cleaning routine, not my deep cleaning which I tend to do once a week and I will detail that in a further post – keep your eyes peeled!

Cleaning is a dirty job. There’s not many of us who enjoy it. I think of it like dieting. It’s not particularly enjoyable, but the benefits are thoroughly rewarding. And the more you do, the more you want to maintain.  I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoy cleaning, but I do find it therapeutic if I’m worried or stressed. Which is often, perhaps that’s why my house is so clean!

As documented in my tidy home post (link) I always aim to go to bed with a clean and tidy house. Tidying and cleaning are very different for me. If my home isn’t tidy, I don’t have the motivation to clean. It’s important to have a relatively tidy home before you start to think about cleaning. You can’t wipe down your work surfaces if they’re cluttered with dishes.

Despite my home being lovely and clean first thing in the morning, the chaos of getting Sofia and Leo dressed, fed and watered in the morning turns my neat, sparkling house upside down. All in the space of an hour! After dropping Sofia off at school, it’s home to get some breakfast and tidy up the aftermath.

The first thing I do in the morning is open the blinds and windows. I can’t bear having these closed during the day, even in winter. I want my home to be bright and I love fresh air. Next, I switch on my electric wax melts to fill the house with fragrance. I use Scentsy. I change the melts every couple of days. It’s so easy to do, I simply pop a knife around the edge and out it comes ready for a fresh scent.



After scraping the coco pops off the table and sweeping the grated cheese off the floor, I load the dishwasher. It looks like I’ve fed an army instead of two young children. When my work surfaces and kitchen table is clear, I then spray them down and wipe clean. I always dry them after with kitchen roll so I’m not left with water marks.


Then I’ll tackle the hob if I’ve not cleaned it thoroughly after dinner. I usually spray on some Zoflora, leave for a moment and then wipe clean with a kitchen sponge. When it’s clean I then buff it up to a shine. I love to use window/glass cleaner with an e-cloth (LINK). If I’m really going to town, I’ll buff it up with a smidgen of baby oil and a soft slightly damp household cloth.


The next big job in the post breakfast kitchen is to sweep the floors. Generally I use my cordless shark (Link) You can save 10% off using PINKPEONYON10 however soggy cereal and cheese is definitely a brush job! I then mop my floors with my JML Whizz Mop (Linkand the kitchen and hallway is done. These are the first areas of the house you see when entering and I like to tackle these first.




I’ve usually loaded the clothes horse before bed and they’ll generally be dry and ready to be folded away or ironed. I pile them into a basket to deal with later. I always iron in the evenings when the kids aren’t around. I watch some TV or YouTube to make it less tedious.

Next, I give the kid’s bedrooms a quick blitz. Firstly, I open their curtains and windows,  tidy their toys and books away, make their beds, switch on their scentsy warmers and give the carpets a quick vacuum. I quickly go over their surfaces such as desks, radiator covers and shelves with a cleaning wipe. I love the ASDA floor wipes. They are just huge wipes saturated in an apple scented cleaning solution which smells delicious.





Lastly in the morning, I give the living room a quick once over. It’s usually still tidy from the night before but I like to fluff the cushions and fold the blankets. If we’re staying at home that day (which is rare) Leo will bring some boxes of toys downstairs and spend time playing until it’s time for lunch.

After lunch I tend to give the kitchen another clean to prepare for cooking dinner. If we do arts and crafts I lay a huge plastic mat down to minimise the mess. You can even buy party table covers and cut them down! I always have wipes nearby too.

We then pick Sofia up from school and I tend to try and prepare dinner whilst they are playing upstairs. I try to tidy as I go, binning vegetable peelings straight away, wiping work surfaces whilst dinner is in the oven and load the dishwasher.

The post dinner mess is the worst of the day but my husband and I share the load. We take turns bathing the kids whilst the other blitzes the kitchen once again and then I give all the rooms a quick vacuum with my Shark (LINK) You can save 10% off using PINKPEONYON10. You may think vacuuming every day is excessive, but if I don’t I’m left with crumbs everywhere! It just makes me feel better and it’s good exercise – especially if you have a three floors like me.


The last thing I do before I sit down in the evening is pop some Zoflora and boiling water in the sink. The scent fills the entire house. At the moment I’m loving Bluebell Woods.


Little and often is key. My house would be in chaos if I left all of my cleaning until the end of the day. If you make cleaning a routine, you’ll becoming quicker and more efficient.

I hope that gives you a little insight and feel free to share any tips you have below.

Happy cleaning!


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12 thoughts on “My Daily Cleaning Routine

  1. I love your home it’s always so gorgeous and tidy! What other things do you like to do when you have a day to yourself? Are you a stay at home mum? Hope you don’t mind me asking x

    1. Thank you Ashleigh! I work part time. I’ll do some more posts with more detail on my daily routines soon x

  2. The past two nights I have tried the zoflora in boiling water over night and my kitchen smells lovely!!! Thanks Hun x

  3. I’m going to try the zoflora in the sink .. great tip thank you … I find putting the wax burner in the freezer is a lot less hassle, it pops right out and is clean and ready to go again xx

  4. In our house we alternate between Zoflora (whatever happened to ‘carnation’) or Fabric conditioner – both leave the house smelling awesome.

  5. I’m going to try the zoflora in the sink! I’ve got my shopping list of products ready for tomorrow. What products do you use to mop your floor, the shine on those tiles is crazy!! Do you buff the tiles afterwards?

  6. I have been wanting to try these scentzy wax melts although they seem quite pricy. I have found a similar one on a candles direct website for cheaper. do you think this will be as good as the scentzy ones? Im worried theres a reason why they are more expensive x

  7. Why do you use scentsy with the windows in your house open. I also read opening windows makes a house very dusty and keeping them shut is much healthier unless you live in the country side. Purifying the air electronically is far healthier especially if you live in a city. Be nice to hear your thpughts my friend in Paris says people who live in European cities can’t understand people from uk opening windows for fresh air?

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